Service of selling on behalf of our customers

Service of selling on behalf of our customers

You want to sell your hifi products ? But you do not have the time for this or can not ship the device ?

No problem - it is a pleasure for us to sell your hifi device for you. Please contact us to talk about the details.

We can check your device and see if it's possible to be sold in our webshop. We check your device, take pictures from it and iffer it in our webstore. And if you want to, we can also offer it on ebay.

If your product is sold we inform you and ship the device to the customer. If the customer wants to see and check the device before buying  - no problem, he can come to us and check it.

The prices for the selling service:

- one time fee for administration and selling fee for the first 8 weeks: 30% of selling price, at minimum 80€


If we sell via ebay we forward the costs for this without any additional costs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an offer !